MARSS – Material Advanced Recovery Sustainable Systems


Grant Agreement: LIFE11 ENV/DE/343


EU LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance

03/09/2012 – 31/12/2015

UAB Resource People:
Mario Giampietro (PI), Giuseppe Munda, Louis Lemkov, Gonzalo Gamboa, Rosaria Chifari, Samuele Lo Piano, Sandra Bukkens.


The EU Landfill Directive has underlined the importance of reducing the amount of untreated municipal solid waste (MSW) going to landfill as being one of the main sources of harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the form of methane. Our research and results from extensive field tests and the previous pilot plant -known as the mechanical biological treatment (MBT) PRP test plant- indicate that our proposed Material Advanced Recovery Sustainable Systems (MARSS) demonstration project could provide countries with a real alternative to incineration based on a material recovery process that is do-able, robust, cheap and can be implemented quickly. In addition to the material recovery of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, this new process is designed on the inclusion of further processing steps of pre-sorting and refining in order to produce a high quality CO2-neutral, biomass fuel for energy recovery. This process maximizes the re-use of MSW and recovery of valuable metals, diverts organic material from landfill to comply with the EU Landfill Directive and avoids combustion of plastic fractions. The socio-economic impact will be monitored throughout the project, from the initial planning phase through to the construction of the pilot plant in Trier. Additionally, an analysis of social perceptions and conflicts will be carried out for the in-depth Naples case study.

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